Caring for Men's Cords

Taking the time to follow the care instructions will ensure a pair of men's corduroy trousers will last season after season. The great thing about corduroy is that it typically hold up very well to the stresses and strains of daily wear, washing and drying. They can usually be placed in the washing machine or dry-cleaned according to the instructions on the care label.

Washing Men's Cords in the Washing Machine

Washing cords in the washing machine is quick, easy and very convenient. Before placing them in the machine, remember to turn the cords inside out. By doing so, you will protect the more delicate textured side of the fabric, keeping the wales looking as good as they should and generally prolonging the life of the garment.

It is a good idea to separate cords from other types of material when washing in a machine. This is because corduroy can be prone to picking up lint. A gentle cycle should be used too - anything more could damage the trousers.

Once washed, the best option is to carefully hang the trousers on a line to air-dry naturally.

Hand Washing Men's Cords

Hand-washing is a very safe option for washing corduroy. The garment should first be soaked in warm water. The material can then be gently rubbed together. Care should be taken not to scrub the material too harshly. Once clean, the trousers should be hung out to dry. Never attempt to remove excess water by wringing cords, as this could twist and ruin the wales.

When ironing a pair of cords, always place a clean sheet in between the iron and the fabric to protect it.

Now that you know how to look after your men's corduroy trousers, take a look at what we have in stock today!

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