A Guide to Men's Cotton Shorts

Men are often put off purchasing shorts due to confusion regarding how they should be worn. However, they remain an essential summer addition for those who wish to be both comfortable and stylish in warmer temperatures. Check out our tips below for choosing the perfect pair.

Choosing the right length is one of the most important aspects of wearing shorts. So exactly how long should they be? As with many things, especially when it comes down to clothes, personal preference and comfort will feature heavily here. However, if you feel uncomfortable wearing shorts, it is advisable to opt for a longer style. Just above the knee works well for most men. A sportier look can be achieved if worn an inch or two higher. Anything shorter than mid-thigh should be avoided.

How loose shorts should be worn is again down to personal preference. It is important, however, to adhere to similar considerations as you might bear in mind when buying trousers:
- Overly baggy shorts will make the thighs and bottom look larger.
- Less muscular legs can look too thin when worn with very loose shorts.
- Generally, the most flattering style is straight leg, slim fit.
- Avoid 'too tight' shorts, especially if wearing them ultra-short.

For a smart look, it is a good idea to stick with solid colours. Navy, Stone and Tan are all very popular colours for shorts and work well with most looks. For those who wish to be a little more adventurous, something brighter might feel more appropriate. Niagara blue, Aqua and Pink can be eye-catching and attractive.

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